Early Adopters Program

Thank you for being a part of the Early Adpoters Program! As member's of the early adopters program your testing and feedback will be critical to our success. Please use the discord chat to share your expeirences, what devices and apps you are using, and what lighting conditions you find work best. Also please fill out the Google survey linked below after you have had a chance to experiment with the CS100!

Google Survey

The user's guide and tips and tricks videos for the CS100 can be found below.

Note: Your CS100 may have come with the card blocker pre-installed and with a slightly different appearance than shown in the video below. Please ensure it is still pressed all the way forward as shown in the video, it may have shifted during shipping.

CS100 User's Guide

CS100 Tips and Tricks

Sample Testing Method

Please feel free to test however you see fit according to what your use case may be. One method we might suggest is below in case you wish to do similar:

  1. Select a stack of cards you wish to scan. Count the stack of cards and ensure the stack is 100 cards or less.
  2. Place the cards in the device and mount to phone with the scanning app open and on a fresh scan.
  3. Run through the cards and observe the system as it scans. Count if any cards are missed and observe which cards are not scanned in properly
  4. Observe the total number of cards scanned, any observed misses vs the number of cards inserted
  5. Calculate the ratio of correctly scanned cards vs missed cards (Total Scanned / Total Inserted)