Frequently Asked Questions

Look here for answers to many of the commonly asked questions!

  • What Phone Apps are used?

    We provide the hardware to move the cards and mount your phone. What app you use is up to you! We currently view ManaBox and Delver Lens (Delver X on iOS) as the most reliable apps but we would love to hear from you if you find other apps work better!

    Note: Due to the nature of how many of these apps scan, sequentially repeating cards may not be recognized. On Delver Lens you can set the "keep scanning" setting to 0 to bypass this effect.

    It is best practice to make sure no two cards repeat back-to-back in your stack if you want maximum accuracy.

  • How reliable is it?

    This depends on a combination of things. The app you decide to use, the phone you are using and the lighting in the enviorment. In our workshop with modern smartphones we get over 99% scan recognition of normal cards. Foils generally are scanned in without issue but will often not be marked as foils.

  • What happens if a card is missed?

    The CS100 has no built-in display of a card counter. So if the scanning application misses a card due to lag or stuttering you might not know a card was missed. This has rarely occurred and can be minimized by closing other apps while scanning.

    Tip: If you want to be sure you are not missing cards you can use the card stacking method to quickly count the number of cards you are placing in the device each time. To do so count out a stack of 100 or less cards, then line up stacks of the same height next to it. This way you know each stack contains the same number of cards. Then you simply compare the result of the scan to the known number of cards put into the device and you know, with certainty, if any cards were missed. 

  • What kind of error detection does it have?

    Our system will detect card jams and double card passes and pause scans as necessary to protect cards. In the case of a double card pass the system will try to remove the 2nd card and try again. If it fails to separate the 2 cards in a few attempts it will pause the process and wait for user intervention.

  • How fast does it scan?

    Scanning reliablily is a balance of speed. Currently we have it set to 1.5 seconds per card to give the phone apps enough time to not miss cards.

  • What happens if it damages my cards?

    There are no known cases of damaged cards but we do understand with any automated process there is a risk of card damage. This risk is taken on by the user and we will no be held liable for any damaged cards.

  • Can you scan sleeved cards?

    No, the system is designed to scan non-sleeved cards. If you accidently put a sleeved card into the system it will in all likelihood pause the scan when it gets to the sleeved card. It is highly recommended to ensure you do not put sleeved cards into the machine.

  • Does it work for Pokemon?

    Our CS100 device was created primarily for Magic: The Gathering cards. Pokemon cards happen to be the same exact size. This means the CS100 will work just as well to move Pokemon cards as Magic cards. However we have not tested scanning apps for Pokemon cards.

  • More questions?

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  • Suggestions?

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